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Monday, July 31, 2006

the magic of music

This Hear 2.0 blog post made me think that, really, the same could be said for Ukrainian (especially zabava) music ...

Ask a gaggle of broadcasters why Christmas music works on the radio and they'll tell you "because it's the Christmas season." And they would be wrong.

... holiday cheer is not unique to the holidays, and if you understand this then you will have a deeper and more meaningful way to market Christmas music ...

Said [Bryan] Singer about the holly jolly tunes of the season:

"They soothe you and make you feel that everything's okay."

Well, on second thought, when referring to Ukrainian music, probably "energize" is more appropriate than "soothe."

But regardless, when you're dancing up a storm, or tapping your toes to beat the band, how can you not feel that everything's ok?

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