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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Music group Volyn stranded in Canada - update

It appears that after finding themselves stranded at Toronto airport instead of being whisked off on a cross-Canada tour as promised, the Volyn Ukrainian Song and Dance Company has been making the best of a bad situation... according to this article, and an email message I recently received from Orest Dorosh, Creative Director at Vistacom Media & Graphics in Mississauga:

[I] Went to see Volyn on Thursday night in Toronto and they did not disappoint. Packed house of about 700 paying patrons. ... Wonderful people with a great attitude, all things considered.

What troopers! I so envy the lucky folks who got to see them.

Orest took several hundred photos Thursday night and promised to send me some as soon as he sorts through them. I'll post them here when they arrive.

He's also sending me the newest Volyn CD, and hopefully also Halyna Ovsychuk's CD, if it's available. Halyna is one of the lead singers from the group and has produced her own CD.

I can't wait to play them on Nash Holos ... the one I have is almost worn out! ;-)

If you'd like your own copy, please contact Orest at Vistacom 416.880.3017.

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