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Monday, September 17, 2007

Defining moment in music...

Interesting article about a report recently submitted to the CRTC Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission:

... it is 'imperative' that the CRTC find better ways to determine which artists qualify as 'emerging' so broadcasters can be encouraged to play more new Canadian artists.

The report says ... that 'community radio, campus radio, public radio, and satellite radio should all be given a voice in this matter as all have a role to play in providing showcases for emerging Canadian artists.'

Canada's Broadcasting Act requires most commercial radio stations to dedicate at least 35% of their playlists to Canadian music. ...
(Full article here.)

For ethnic stations with a licence to broadcast third-language programming, like the one my program airs on, the requirement is even lower (7%). Although I am proud to say that my playlist consistently contains on average 50% cancon, and rarely dips to as low as 35%! That's because in Canada we have so many awesome Ukrainian artists and groups!

So I certainly hope that the authors of the report would include ethnic radio in the list of those who should "be given a voice in this matter."

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