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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sensible censorship

Maybe I'm obtuse, but I just can't see the point and purpose of this article in the industry ezine Radio Ink ...

"War Is Heck! PBS Stations Given Choice On Burns Documentary

The Ken Burns documentary, “The War” which chronicles World War II, will air on PBS in September and is being offered to affiliates in censored and uncensored versions. It’s the individual station’s choice on which version to air.

The 14 hour film features profanity the FCC mandates can't be heard on the public airwaves between the hours of 6AM and 10PM ...

Those stations airing the unedited version run the risk of FCC fines. ... WXEL-Channel 42 will air the clean version at 8PM and the unedited version at 10PM and later.

So what's the story here? That the FCC enforces its policy on airing profanity? That this particular station in South Florida is sensibly following the FCC's broadcast guidelines and rules? If so, it's a case of the old "dog bites man" story ... whichever way you spin it, there just isn't a "man bites dog" angle here anywhere. ;-)

Of course, it could be just that the creator of the headline wanted to share his/her brilliant wit in print. (You have to admit it is quite cute.)

Ah, the media industry ... gotta love it.

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