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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Voting results in Ukraine

If you're interested in following the election results in Ukraine, there's an official site here. It's available in both Ukrainian and English.

Apparently voter turnout isn't nearly as high as in 2004 ... not surprisingly.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the Yanuk campaign people are doing their utmost to rig the vote count, but I am sure that Yulia Tymoshenko will win this campaign. What will happen afterwards is another matter. Portfolios will have to be handed out, and here is this sad joke: "Every two Ukrainians produce three otamans (leaders)."

Orest said...

Its time all the clowns stepped aside from Yushchenko to Tymoshenko to Yanukovich. Its time for a new breed of politicians!!

Pawlina said...

Of course Yanuk & co. will do all they can to rig the vote, it's apparently the only way they can win.

And yeah, I hear you re the "joke." In Canada, it's "If you put 2 Ukrainians in a room you'll end up with 3 organizations."

Sigh. Such is our nature. But, otoh, it may be our salvation. It's hard to wipe out people who are all pulling in different directions. Pretty much impossible to keep a steady supply of ammo... ;-)

Pawlina said...

Orest, you may be forgetting the well-known political canard: Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Still and all, I suppose anything is possible...

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