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Monday, September 10, 2007

Nash Holos listener needs help

A little while ago I got a heartfelt plea from a listener who collects Nash Holos broadcasts.

She had a hard-drive crash and lost a lot of her files, including some mp3s of old NH broadcasts. She emailed me to ask if I could send her the archives, but unfortunately, I didn't have all the ones she asked for.

Until now, I had still been operating in the mindset of the "old days" of radio when we produced programs on reel-to-reel tapes that we re-used from week to week. Back then no one saved old programs as no one could afford the real estate to store the archives! So it just wasn't a habit I developed.

Now of course it's different, and I am quite embarrassed at not foreseeing a situation like this. Naturally, I will be saving archives on disk from now on!

In the meantime, if anyone is willing and able to help out this "loyal listener" who is missing broadcasts from Dec 3, 2006, Dec 10, 2006 and Jan 14, 2007, please email me.


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