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Monday, September 10, 2007

new radio format launched in Edmonton

A bit late in posting this exciting news from Edmonton ...

New owners, new management and World FM , l01.7 on the FM dial, becomes a new station after the Labour Day weekend.

Actually, it's not all that drastic. The ethnic hosts aren't changing. But ... Come September 4, the new morning man is current sister-station Sonic FM's weekend host, Graham Scott, playing 'world music.' ...

The other big deal, with Rogers Broadcasting now in charge. No more 50-year-old polkas. Each show is going to be airing the current hits from the host countries.

OK, so why the nasty jab at polkas? Some people (like Nash Holos listeners) like polkas! Those mainstream media types, forever trying to create Canadian cultural homogeneity in vibrant shades of beige ... Sigh.
Full article here.

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