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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yankee go home: Yanukovych

UNIAN reports (here) that Ukrainian PM Viktor Yanukovych has sacked his American spin doctor:

Paul Manafort, who had been heading the political campaigns of the Party of Regions since 2005, was sacked from the electoral heaquarters ... after the party headquarters chiefs realized that the party’s rating fell by 5-7% nearly 10 days ago.

Of course, the slide in ratings wouldn't have anything to do with the Yanukovych party's inept and incompetent governance, would it? Still, they insist on sticking to the tried-and-true, charmingly Soviet mix of propaganda and thuggery.

...the party is now considering two scenarios of the further developments: to cancel voting results in some western district on the basis of alleged mass falsifications, and to resume talks about creating an autonomy of eastern and southern regions of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Prez is pounding the pavement and reminding the electorate of the Party of Regions' bad governance ... good strategy, I'd say. But with any luck, it's just necessary for insurance sake. ;-)


Taras said...

Although Manafort's "nestabilnist" hasn't been confirmed, the publicity from this episode certainly does not bode well for the Party of Regions.

Your post reminded me of how we chanted "Yanuk go home!" during the Orange Revolution:)

Pawlina said...

They say the only bad publicity is no publicity, but glad to hear that this situation is proving that notion wrong.

Oh well, what else can you expect from the Inspector Clouseau of Ukrainian politics? ;-)

Taras said...

Haven't seen that one yet. But I do like Sledge Hammer:)!

Vasyl Pawlowsky said...

Regardless of what happened and why Manafort was "Sacked" I am sure he got a nice paycheck while he was around.

Pawlina said...

Taras, you must see all the Pink Panther movies (and the prequel, Shot in the Dark). They're older (60s vintage) but are an absolute scream.

I haven't seen SledgeHamer, guess that's another one to check out!

Pawlina said...


I'm sure you're right about that.

After all, isn't that what it's all about with modern-day mercenaries ...?

Anonymous said...

Tell you what guys, Yanuk may well come up "with the shield", what with a good half of Ukraine being Russified and thoroughly Moscow-brainwashed. Also, there are thousands of jobless young people in Ukraine who will vote for anyone in return for a couple hundred hryvnias each. Also, you must realize that the degree of disillusionment in the aftermath of the Maidan is very tangible! Add here Ukraine's traditional election-rigging techniques...

Pawlina said...

That's exactly why it's important (in fact, essential) for each and every Ukrainian who is disgusted and disillusioned with Yanukovych to vote for his opponent.

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