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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Associated Press in a time warp

According to this Yahoo! News report, the U.S. government will now be spelling the name of Ukraine's capital properly, i.e. Kyiv.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press continues to spell it "Kiev."

Real progressive of AP, eh?

Must be tough living in the past. After all, there was progress back then too...


dzvinok said...

Yes, Paulette. About time with the Kyiv/Kiev decision !
Hadn't heard that Istanbul/Constantinople for a long time .... There wasn't much trouble with that change I take it, and Peking certainly became Beijing overnight !

Anonymous said...

Well this is good news and long overdue. Now if we can only get the all too many people including some of our own people out there in the English speaking world to start the country itself "Ukraine" and NOT "the YOO-crane." (Admittedly it's especially that silly "the" which iritates me most!)

Pawlina said...

Well, I guess we have to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day ... and that all long journeys begin with one step.

Still, I agree it does seem to be taking an inordinately long time.

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