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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back by popular demand -- 1648 kozak wars in Texas

Next year's Kozak Wars event will be April 14-15 (2007) at Four Winds Ren Faire in Tyler Texas!

I first heard about this amazing event last year and posted the details here . It was really a re-enactment of the 1648 Bohdan Kmelnitsky battle. And according to a recent press release, they'll be doing it again!

This year, the event will include Live Blade sabre fighting, a live reenactment of a War of Liberation battle (Circa 1648) with Winged Hussars, Kozaky and Cannon!

There will also be a Kozak Games section, with period wrestling, the National Live Blade Sabre Championship (17K), Spear throwing, and more!

Another big attraction this year will be the great Kobzar and Bandrurist Andrij Kytasty.

I understand there will be a blog about it fairly soon, so stay tuned!

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For more information have a look at

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