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Thursday, October 19, 2006

To be or not to be ... my question to the CBC

OK, I'm confused.

Is our public broadcaster a media organization that impartially informs the public, or a public advocacy organization for influencing Canadian society?

On the one hand, it advocates for such social justice issues as working to stop bullying, and publishes stories like this one about a ventriloquist cop who teaches kids not to bully.

Yet, on the other hand, it has no qualms about publishing a news story about a video game that encourages players to become better at bullying.

So what I don't understand is, if the CBC is advocating to stop a certain behaviour, why give free publicity to a commercial venture that encourages it? Strikes me as rather inconsistent, if not disingenuous, to be doing both.

And it really makes me resent the tax dollars I am forced to donate to the CBC. I could put them to far better use on my own program ... where I take great pains to be consistent.

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