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Friday, October 27, 2006

Rogers Cable anti-Ukrainian?

Well, go figure this one out.

The League of Ukrainian Canadians petitions Rogerscable Communications Inc. to use correct phonetic and linguistic transliteration of Ukrainian TV program titles on Rogers’ Interactive Program Guide (IPG.

Soon after, Rogers sees the light (duh...) and replaces Russian transliteration of the Ukrainian TV programs with Ukrainian.

Then, six months later, Rogers reverts back to its old practice of editing Ukrainian titles in Russian.

Huh? What's with that?

I'd say Ukrainian Canadians can certainly be forgiven for thinking there is some anti-Ukrainian bias in the corriders of power at Rogerscable. There doesn't seem to be any other reason for turning the clock back and doing the wrong thing.

Please go here and sign the petition to get Rogers to go back to doing the right thing, again.



Anonymous said...

BRAVO! I just signed the petition. Why Rogerscable would do this is quite a mystery unless it's just pure ignorance (meant as lacking knowledge, not manners.) or some sort of political agenda on the part of some within that company. Who knows! Strange as it may seem there are still some people who seem to think of Ukraine as part of Russia and Ukrainian as dialect of Russian - why I don't know but in this case ignorance is definately NOT bliss and there is simply no real valid excuse for this as far as I am concerned!

Pawlina said...

Thanks, Fr. Bruce. I hope others will also sign this petition.

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