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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rotten pickles derail campaign tour in Ukraine

Well, speaking of food, Yanuk, Ukraine's beleaguered prime minister, seems to have a bit of a problem with it, especially during election campaigns involving the president and his arch-rival, Yush.

Back in the 2004 Orange Revolution, it was eggs. Now, in 2007, it's pickles.

There's an interesting and thought-provoking analysis of the egg incident here. Unfortunately none has appeared yet re the pickle saga. Perhaps it requires more study and thought, in which case we can assume one is forthcoming... eventually.

In the meantime, FWIW, here's mine:

If he's smart, when he retires from politics he'll stay out of the restaurant business ...


pumpernickel said...


Pawlina said...


Anonymous said...

What made that situation particularly ridiculous was that a dozen video cameras captured the moment when a simple hen's egg hit Yanuk on the forehead, whereupon he performed a scene from some "Death of the President" movie, tumbling to the ground, being surrounded by hefty bodyguards, lifted, and rushed to the hospital (now compare this to what happened to Yushchenko and the way the man behaved). Personally, I have no doubt that the man was scared shitless -- if you will pardon my French -- what with his being in the west of Ukraine where few if any shared his love of Moscow and Russian. Has he learned his lesson? It's anyone's guess, but I doubt it: power is a very heady beverage, especially when consumed by one who would perhaps never have dreamed of this status when serving his term for rape...

Pawlina said...

Definitely a bang-on analysis of the situation.

I guess those of us outside the country have the luxury of being able to laugh at the situation.

That being said, smart politicians will take note of that little reality. Yanuk already did, hence the American spin doctors.

Problem for them is, they are clinging to the status quo, possibly because they are too dishonest and greedy to recognize how to capitalize on the changing times. Their own chicanery is what gives their opponents traction... and sufficient hope to keep up the fight.

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