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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Roman Brytan on Edmonton's Ukrainian radio scene

Irena Bell, producer of Ottawa's Ukrainian radio program, caught an interview that aired recently on Radio Canada International (RCI) with Roman Brytan, producer of Radio Zhurnal in Edmonton. The topic was Ukrainian radio programmes in Edmonton.

The program can be accessed at RCI's archives here. (The interview runs from 17:33 to 22:57.)



Stanislav said...

RCI from Montreal I like much more then program of Mr. Britan from Edmonton. Sure it is quite different approaches, I just like first more. Giving all my respect to Mr. Britan who is doing a lot for Ukrainian community.

Pawlina said...

Hi Stan,

Yes, Roman (his last name correctly spelled is Brytan) is certainly a pillar of our community, and has been for 25 years.

As for RCI, you're right, it's a different approach ... and a different target audience.

What's nice is that both are available and listeners can either choose their preference, or enjoy both!

Stanislav said...

RCI is available offline as Nash Holos. Mr. Brytan's programming is online only. This is a problem, because I ADMIRE 30 min. insert that Dr. Horniatkevych does about Ukrainian classical music. This is a real piece of radio art, Pawlina! But unfortunately this is only once a week and not available offline. I asked both Dr. Horniatkevych and Mr. Brytan make this 30 minutes available offline, but with no success. B.t.w. Dr. Horniatkevych and his daughter Lada could be big stars of Ukrainian radio. Some Lada's programs Sounds Ukrainian available at first page player at

Pawlina said...

Yes, I can see this is a problem for listeners. Unfortunately, it's a matter of company policy and generally speaking, big media companies like Rogers don't cater to (or much care about) Ukrainian program listeners.

It's very fortunate that the owner of the station Nash Holos airs on is very supportive and allows me complete freedom to produce the program as I see fit, and offer it as a podcast.

Not all program producers are so lucky.

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