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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Vancouver audio archives updated to Oct. 5, 2008

Vancouver's Ukrainian radio audio archives are now completely up to date at the Nash Holos website! This includes Chetverta Khvylia.

On Nash Holos, there's a recipe for Brussels sprouts with chestnuts (perfect for Thanksgiving dinner!), some ideas and tips for stopovers in Europe, reflections on the life and year of St. Paul, another proverb, and more!

As usual there's plenty of great Ukrainian music! The Canadian spotlight is on Winnipeg, with selections by Shoom, Kalyna, Sofia Bilozor, Paris to Kyiv, The Female Beat, Canadian Rhythm Masters, Freddie Chetyrbok and Molodtsi.

As well, some selections from the CDs I brought back from Ukraine, by Buttya, Mandry and Pikkardiyska Tertsiia .... and an audio clip of a live performance I enjoyed in a Kyiv restaurant by 2 members of a group called Cheremosh.

So, enjoy!

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