Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kozak branch sich in NY state

Sounds like a fun group:

The United Brotherhood of Khmelnychenky is a fraternal organization affiliated with Plast - Ukrainian Youth Association. ... The goal of the Xmelnyckenky is to carry on the observance of honor, valor and brotherhood in a Ukrainian setting and Kozak Tradition.

... As in times of old when Kozaks would assemble to make decisions in matters of mutual interest, the Xmeli assemble twice a year to review previous activity, renew old ties, and make plans for the future.

The Plast Command has called upon the Xmeli time and time again to run their annual and world jamborees, most recently the 50th anniversary of the Plast campsite in East Chatham, NY. The Xmeli have always responded in true Kozak style, and carried out their duties serving God and country.

We are the Xmeli. Join the Kozak brotherhood.

Bet there's some great Ukrainian music happening at that branch sich!

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