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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

First of RCI series on British Columbia now uploaded

Got an email from Roman Golash telling me that he and Valentyna returned safe and sound back to Montreal, and that Valentyna is off to Ukraine for the parliamentary elections next Sunday.

The first in Valentyna's RCI series on BC has aired. You can listen to it here . When you get there, click on [Слухайте] and enjoy! If you have problems, just go through the main page. Click on Ykpainckoyu movoyu then on ЛИСТіВКИ З КАНАДИ (lystivky z Kanady).

This segment is dedicated to Nanaimo ... the community, the Ukrainian cultural life and history, and includes a visit to the WWI era internment camp where Ukrainians and other East Europeans were (unjustly) imprisoned.

For full detailsof the broadcast, check out Roman's comment posted here.

And don't forget to check out his awesome website ukemonde! I see he's set up a Blogger account so hopefully the blogging bug has bit him too! ;-)

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