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Friday, March 31, 2006

CanCon on TV -- quantity over quality?

The cancellation of the 2004/05 National Hockey League season ... significantly reduced Canadian content viewing. ... On conventional Canadian television stations, Canadian content dropped to 54.1% in 2004 from 56.5% in 2003. On Canadian pay and specialty channels, Canadian programs accounted for only 36.8% of viewing, down from 44% in 2003.

Gee, maybe they should redefine "Canadian content" then? It's a pretty thin line as it is. What about when two American NHL teams play? Does that fact that some of the players are Canadian make it "Canadian content"? In which case, what if none were?

I dunno. Maybe they should just scrap "CanCon" altogether. Those who actually produce good Canadian programming, music, etc. are on their own anyway. The govt would rather support big media conglomerates, and generally does.

Entire article here.

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