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Friday, March 31, 2006

Shed a tear for the networks

Ahem. What did I say in my last post?

According to an article in the Globe & Mail...

Broadcasters want Ottawa to address several issues that are affecting their sector, including the rise of Internet television. The networks [such as CTV Inc., CanWest Global Communications Corp.'s Global and CHUM Ltd.] are concerned about the threat downloadable programs pose to their businesses ...

At the very least, the broadcasters want to know what the rules will be for Internet TV, and how those revenues will be divided. The push for a TV review comes at a time when the CRTC is already juggling a similar crucial review of the radio sector, which is also worried about splintering audiences as iPods and other new technology such as satellite radio erode its audience share.

Is that sound of an empire imploding?

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