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Thursday, March 16, 2006

My lunch with Valentyna and Roman

I just got back from having lunch with the most delightful couple.

The lovely Valentyna Golash hosts Ukrainian Time, the Ukrainian program in Montreal. Her charming husband, Roman Golash, is the webmaster of the interesting and highly informative Ukemonde website.

Valentyna was commissioned to produce a feature on BC by Radio Canada International, where she also does Ukrainian programming. Roman decided to take some holidays and come along for the ride, and they've been doing a whirlwind tour of the west coast.

Roman and I had met in cyberspace several years ago, when the internet was still new. I'd also corresponded occasionally with Valentyna on radio business and of course heard her on her program. It was wonderful to finally meet in person.

They've been staying in downtown Vancouver and came to my neck of the woods via Skytrain, Vancouver's vaunted elevated rapid transit system. We lunched at the White Spot restaurant, where Roman had one of their famous (and fabulous) burgers, and Valentyna (who is doing a strict lenten fast ... crazy girl! ... she's off to Ukraine next week!) had the veggie garden burger. (I had eggs benny, if anyone's interested.) They gave me a gorgeous RCI shirt and I gave them my typical and boring "gift" of CDs of my and Pavlo's programs.

It was like lunching with old friends and two hours was not nearly enough time! We promised each other we'd meet again soon. Meanwhile, keep an eye out at RCI's website and check out Valentyna's impression of BC!

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Ukemonde said...

Our lunch with Paulette

Well thanks for such kind words Paulette. We were so thankful to you for taking the time to meet with us and telling us more about your program Nash Holos, as well as your interesting history of how this all came to being. I am sure this can be heard about in one of the upcoming programs on RCI (Radio Canada International)- Ukrainian section. This can be found under the following link: Lystivky z Kanady

The first segment aired this Sunday on the history of Nanaimo and the Internment of Ukrainians in Nanaimo.

All the people we met during our visit to Vancouver, Victoria, and Nanaimo inspired us so much in that it was incredible meeting you all. You all left us an everlasting memory of meeting such hard working Ukrainian patriots. We will never forget this meeting. Please accept our deepest thanks for taking the time to meet us and spending time with us.

Well this should be a start of an interesting blogging experience.

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