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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Time to switch from cable to satellite

I'd sure love to get the new Ukrainian TV channel being broadcast to the diaspora.

... the channel's mission would not be to bring ethnic Ukrainians back to their homeland, but to give them a feel for what's going on in Ukraine. ...

Serhiy Demyanchuk, Channel 1+1’s marketing director, said that the new channel’s revenues will come from subscription fees ... the channel would extensively be using the archive programming by Channel 1+1 and Ukrainian films that are in public domain...

Hmm ... wonder if there will English subtitles?

Demyancuk said he expected the number of subscribers to reach 10,000 by fall.

Subtitles might just boost subcriber numbers. While they're at it, how about piping in Ukrainian music too?

Er, forget that. No point putting myself out of business.

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