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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blog Power!

Still not convinced about the power of blogging? This may change your mind:

In December of 2004, [Former Colorado Congressman Bob Schaffer] was in Ukraine helping monitor the Presidential Election. Ballot fraud was so rampant that a genuine revolution erupted in the streets of Kyiv.

It was history in the making. Armed with my BlackBerry, I began tapping messages to friends back in the States. Somehow, my hourly updates made it to, and instantly people around the world were following the Orange Revolution through the site in an impromptu blog that day.

The blog had an immediate and powerful impact. Even now, I still get calls and emails, mainly from journalists and history students, about that pivotal election of 2004.

I called about this year's Parliamentary mission and to gauge's interest in setting up another Ukrainian election blog. The answer is now obvious. Welcome to our "Democracy in Ukraine"

If blogging brought the Orange Revolution to the world's attention, imagine what it can do for Ukrainian music!

'Nuff said!

Hat tip to Roman Golash.

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