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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ukraine still cherishes orange sounds

According to BBC News , Ukrainians in Ukraine still love the music of the Orange Revolution.

The Ukrainian music industry is struggling, and conditions in the overall business climate are much harsher than in Europe, according to one Ukrainian music producer.

... here we have 80% piracy and in Europe it's 20%.

The pricing makes it even more difficult.

... in Europe a music CD costs on average 12-13 dollars, while here it's four. So it's easy to see how hard it is to do business here.

Ironically, Ukrainian musicians in the Diaspora face the same challenges. It's understandable in Ukraine, where there is still so much poverty. Ever $4 for a CD would be a lot of money for Ukrainian citizens.

But it's chump change for most diaspora Ukrainians, so there is no excuse for distributing pirated CDs. It's illegal (copyright violation) and it harms the Ukrainian music industry everywhere.

Ukrainian CDs are not expensive. They make great gifts. They are easy to purchase online and in many retail locations. So give the gift of (Ukrainian) music. Svih do svoho - buy Ukrainian!

If we all do our part, we will prove that 'razom nas bahato." And isn't that hope what the Orange Revolution symbolizes?

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Aussiegirl said...

Let's pitch in and buy some of that great music we hear on Nash Holos every week! Yes -- pirating and copyright infringement is a big problem -- thanks for the post.

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