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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

1648 Ukrainian war re-enactment in Texas

Special Press Release:

1648 Ukrainian War of liberation Fought Again!

Tyler, Texas - Re-enactors from across America are converging on the Four Winds Renaissance faire on April 8th and 9th to fight out a battle from the 1648 Ukrainian War of Liberation complete with cannons, winged hussars, and Cossacks!

In what may be the largest recreation of this period in America, living history groups and re-enactors from California to Virginia have been planning this event for over a year. Up to six cannon, fifty fighting men and women, period firearms and more will bring back to life the struggle that gave birth to the Ukrainian State.

The sabre fighting will be of the kind known as live blade. That means that these highly trained combatants will be actually fighting with real steel weapons not fencing or stage fakes! They really fight in un-choreographed duels that strike home with a surprising force.

Great care has gone into all the details to ensure that the re-enactment will be as accurate as possible down to smallest items such as three pronged forks to the matchlock musquets used in the battle.

Apart from the twice daily battles there will also be living history presentations and even a Cossack wargame demonstration, something for everyone!

For more information regarding the battle or the groups involved please contact: Adam Roberts at

For more information regarding Four Winds Renaissance faire please see:

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Hmmm ... wonder if they will have Ukrainian music from that period, too? Too bad Vancouver is so far from Texas!

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Aussiegirl said...

They need you to be the DJ down there, Pawlina!! You could play some of the old cossack songs -- like "Zasvystaly Kozachenky". I hope they have varenyky to feed all those hungry hordes after all that sword fighting. This is just about the neatest thing. Who ever knew that people in this country were doing this sort of stuff?

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